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Action Corporate Sports

Every successful business has a team of highly motivated and energetic people focusing together on a shared goal, it’scalled team spirit. Team Spirit requires nurturing and now Action Indoor Sports can help you accelerate the process with team games in a fully professional indoor environment. Action sports provides everything you need, umpires, equipment and exciting choice of games suited for men, women and children, the fit and unfit.
A brief description of each sport is explained below. KZN Midlands Action Sports Arena has various options available; the player can either participate in socials or league. Both are great fun with each one having its fair share of competitiveness.

Action Cricket

For over 20 years people have been enjoying famous games indoors. The traditional eight player game provides a high scoring simplistic format that makes an exciting game to be enjoyed by people of all ages, both Men & Women. Just as in cricket the basic skills of running, hitting, fielding & throwing are the backbone of the game. Action Cricket has something to offer everyone.

Action Netball

Over thirty thousand people play Indoor Netball at Action Indoor Sports Arenas weekly. This fast game is ideal for all types of groups and at 30 minutes per game fits perfectly into our busy lifestyle. From beginners to social & work groups this game appeals to our team sports spirit & is great for forging friendships or meeting new people whilst keeping fit.

The rules are simple & all necessary instructions & equipment are supplied.

Action Soccer

Action Soccer is an exciting indoor version of the great world game. This fast paced game is great for developing soccer skills and can be played from an early age. As teams play in a netted environment, the ball is never out play making the game fast and exciting. Soft soccer balls are used so that players can kick it as hard as they like without risk or injury tothemselves or other players. Teams compete in regular weekly leagues. All refs and equipment are supplied.


KZN Midlands Action sports are very flexible in what services it has to offer. There are various options that corporate’s can participate in. The options are as follows:
- Socials: Socials are a once off event and played on one court for an hour and ten minutes. You require 16 players and the game can begin. This is an ideal option for inter department challenges, networking with clients or rewarding the sales staff for a job well done

- League: Alternatively join our corporate league which is played one day per week .Duration of a game is 1hour and 10 minutes. Fantastic for the department team building, communication and team commitment.This is a great way of networking in the industry and take on your opposition in a different environment. There are two categories namely men’s and mixed. Great fun and fantastic for team building

- Corporate fun days: This is a full day event in which, Corporates have the opportunity in entering a side and participate against other corporates. The format of the day is a round robin tournament where each team will play a certain amount of games before moving off to the finals to establish an overall winner for the day’s event. Medals and trophy is provided by the arena. This option can also be used for a corporate that has 5 or more teams that wish to have a inter department challenge same as above applies but only limited to that particular company.


There is no standard price as each corporate event is unique in which it requires, however a budget price can be worked on. The venue is also available for product launches and Private functions over weekends.


KZN Midlands Action sports also do kids sports parties, Ideal for children age 5 upwards. Bookings last 2 hours, we provide everything you need for your party.

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