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Action Netball

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November 24, 2011


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Action NetballACTION NETBALL – “It’s not just for the Ladies anymore”

This fast paced 7-a-side game is perfect for you to satisfy that social or competitive drive and to get a team together. It is perfect for men and women to play in a team together, and more often than not, it’s the women bragging at the end.

Action Netball is for all types of people and at 35 minutes per game fits into your busy lifestyle. From beginners to social, and corporate to competitive, this game is great for forging friendships or meeting new people.

Simple to play and everything provided, from the ball to the umpires, come along and join a league or book for a social game.

The Court

- The court is separated into thirds, separated by ‘transverse’ lines;
- Two goal circles with side nets and back nets.


- GS – goal circle & goal third;
- GA – goal circle, goal third & centre third;
- C – all 3 thirds but not in either goal centre;
- WA – the attacking goal third & centre third;
- WD – the defending third & centre third;
- GD – goal third, centre third & goal circle;
- GK – goal third & goal circle.

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