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Action Cricket

Action CricketACTION CRICKET – “The way Indoor Cricket should be!”

Action Cricket is an exciting game that last for approximately 70 minutes. It combines fun, fitness and competition, and its simplicity allows people of all ages to play: men women, young old, or cricketers, non-cricketers.

The Game involves the basic principles and skill of traditional cricket: running, batting, fielding and bowling, with teams in leagues competing against other teams comparable in ability.

Action Sports has 30 action cricket facilities around the country, consisting of 105 international quality courts. It is easy to join and learn how to play.

Come and join a team, register in a league or just come along for the social environment.

Book for casual games too! We can also take bookings for one off or regular private competitions.

Game Format

- A game last for 70 minutes;
- All playing equipment is provided. (Just wear something comfortable);
- 8 players per side;
- 16 overs per game, 8 per side;
- Everyone bowls 2 over;
- Everyone bats for 4 overs;
- Each team has 35 minutes to bowl their overs, upon which the teams will change over.


- You bat in pairs and face 4 over each;
- The non-facer stands at the running crease;
- If you are out you do not leave the court, you stay at the crease and continue to bat for the full 4 overs;
- Every time you are out your team loses 5 runs from the total runs;
- When there are 2 non scoring deliveries in a row, the batters must run on the next delivery. (This is called 3rd ball).


- Everyone has to bowl;
- An over lasts 6 balls;
- You can bowl under-arm if you prefer;
- If you bowl a wide or no-ball the ball is NOT re-bowled the batting team is awarded 2 runs.


- There are 8 players in the fielding team;
- The field has to have 4 players in each half of the court.

Dismissals/Getting Out

- Caught (anywhere except off the back net when the batter hits a 6);
- Runout;
- Bowled;
- Stumped;
- Interference;
- Mankad.


- Evening Leagues – Monday to Friday (Teams play once a week, unless on special arrangement);
- Saturday and Sundays we are open for Birthday parties;
- Note: We sometimes have special Leagues and Competitions.


- You can book a court and play your own game of Action Indoor Cricket if you like. Just call or email us to book your court… or click on the buttons below to make a booking.

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